Our Food Choices Can Change the World.

Our vision is to contribute towards creating a happier planet where everyone feels connected and we live in harmony with nature.

We believe that one of the greatest changes each person can make is to change their food choices. By choosing vegan, organic and ethically sourced food you are saving thousands of litres of water, entire rainforests, and preventing harm towards our more vulnerable friends, the animals.  Thank you.  You are awesome.  And chocolatey...

We contribute by:

Bridging the Gap

We know that letting go of white sugar and conventional chocolate can be one of the toughest habits to change. Hey, we've been there! Everyone knows it is better for our health and our planet if we reduce these things from our diet, but in practice it is very difficult to do, especially since these products are pretty addictive and are everywhere we go.  We see our chocolate as a bridge for people who want to leave the land of processed foods and cross to the land of whole natural foods.  Sometimes, to let go of an old habit, you need to put in a newer, healthier one!

Good Food made with Good Intentions 

‘Yogi’ chocolate is handmade by yogis in Northern Sydney.   Every day our yogi chocolatiers wake up early to the sound of Kookaburras and Lorikeets and take a couple of hours out of their day to calm their minds through yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, before embarking on the day’s adventures in chocolate making.  We believe that state of mind affects food, and we want everyone who eats our chocolate to eat happiness! So we make sure that we are in a peaceful, happy state when we make our chocolate, and we chant a few sanskrit mantras just to add some extra energy to the mix.

Making a Contribution 

We believe that every being has a beautiful and unique contribution to make on this planet.  For us, making a contribution brings greater happiness and meaning to life.  Therefore we are very passionate about making a difference through our work. We currently donate to charities, use 100% recycled packaging with soy based inks in our Premium Range boxes, and support worthy projects and local fundraisers with our chocolate.